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HIGH FIXED enclosure F1

Our fixed model for larger pools: The F1 enclosure convinces with its elegant design and fixed construction.


Individual segments can be opened flexibly or pushed up to a height of 2 m on the long sides. In addition, doors and end variants on the front sides offer a variety of opening options - so that your covered indoor pool in the garden quickly becomes an open-air pool again. This way, you can access the pool area from four sides at any time without barriers.


We offer the model in different shapes and sizes. Please feel free to ask for your enclosure solution.

We will be happy to introduce you to this and other models that fit your needs and requirements.




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Width: 5,5 - 10 / 9 - 14 m (F1 170)

Height: 2,57 - 2,77 m/ 2,57 - 3,54 m (F1 170)

(dependent on width and model)

"Protected or open-air - flexible openings mean we always have a choice."


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